eSports Betting: League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2020 Summer Split – July 8 matches

Posted by Aaron . on July 7, 2020 in

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2020 Summer Split is underway with another pair of exciting matches featuring some of the strongest Korean League of Legends teams. Kicking off the Wednesday matches will be DragonX, who will lock horns with kt Rolster, followed by a clash between SANDBOX Gaming and Hanwha Life. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming matches so you can place your bets against their League of Legends odds.

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2020 Summer Split – July 8 matches

DragonX vs KT Rolster – Wednesday, July 8 – 17:00 KST

DragonX are undeniably one of the strongest teams in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) and arguably one of the strongest teams in the world. Although the latter statement is somewhat questionable since DragonX failed to deliver at the Mid-Season Cup 2020, there is no denying this squad is in great form ahead of the LCK Week 4.

So far, Dragon X already defeated some of the top Korean teams in T1 (2-1), Gen.G (2-1) and Afreeca Freecs (2-0), as well as SANDBOX Gaming (2-1), Team Dynamics (2-0) and ⁠SeolHaeOne Prince (2-0). Clearly, DRX are a level above everyone else and while they still have to face DAMWON on Saturday, it’s fair to say DargonX are set to contest the regular-season title.

KT Rolster, on the other side, failed to make much noise throughout LCK 2020 Summer. So far this split, KT Rolster won only two games out of six played and even those came against SeolHaeOne Prince (2-0) and Hanwha Life (2-0), who are not exactly top-tier teams. Other than that, KT Rolster lost to Team Dynamics (0-2), Gen.G (1-2), DAMWON (0-2) and Afreeca Freeecs (0-2).

Rarely would we advise betting on a -1.5 map handicap in such a competitive league as LCK, but looking at these two teams, there is just too big of a quality gap for us to believe this one will end in any other way that a clean sweep for DargonX.

Prediction: DragonX -1.5 maps

SANDBOX Gaming vs Hanwha Life – Wednesday, July 8 – 20:00 KST

After a poor start of the season, SANDBOX Gaming finally won their first game of the split last Saturday, when they took down Team Dynamics (2-1). Before that, SANDBOX Gaming lost to Afreeca Freecs (0-2), DAMWON Gaming (0-2), DragonX (1-2), T1 (0-2) and Gen.G (0-2).

Even though their 1-5 record is far from perfect, we have to consider the fact that SANDBOX were unfortunate enough to play five of the strongest Korean teams in their opening five games of the split. If we take that into account, we should not criticise them too much for their 1-5 record, as they are guaranteed to see far more success in the next couple of weeks when SANDBOX will face significantly weaker opponents.

Additionally, SANDBOX recently signed a new European coach YamatoCannon, who only recently joined the team after spending the last two weeks in quarantine. His arrival is a massive addition to this team not only because he is an excellent coach, but also because he will bring “Western” tactics with him, which as we know Korean teams tend to struggle playing against.

Hanwha Life on the other side, are objectively the worst team in the league. They have yet to win a single match this split and are sitting at the bottom of the table with a 0-6 record. Looking back, Hanwha Life lost to SeolHaeOne Prince (1-2), T1 (1-2), KT Rolster (0-2), Team Dynamics (0-2), Afreeca Freecs (0-2) and DAMWON Gaming (0-2).

Unlike SANDBOX who faced only tough opponents in the opening three weeks of LCK 2020 Summer, Hanwha Life should have shown a bit more, especially against SeolHaeOne Prince, KT Rolster and Team Dynamics. Seeing how they failed to make any positive impact besides winning one map against T1, we don’t believe this team has the needed quality to compete with SANDBOX.

SANDBOX will be eager to get back on the horse and we can be sure their goal is to win as many games as possible, now that their schedule became much lighter. Last week, SANDOX showed a lot of quality against Team Dynamics, and if they can enter this match with the same fire, defeating Hanwha Life 2-0 should be an achievable goal.

Prediction: SANDBOX Gaming -1.5 maps