League of Legends (LLA) Opening Season 2020 – April 19 matches

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League of Legends Latin Americana League (LLA) Opening Season 2020 – April 19 matches

Rainbow7 vs Isurus – Sunday, April 19 – 15:00 CST (Mexico City)

The final competitive week of LLA Opening Season will begin with a clash between Rainbow7 and Isurus, who will lock horns for the third and final time this season. Looking back, Rainbow7 already defeated Isurus twice in Week 2 and Week 5 of the split, so it’s safe to say they will enjoy a level of mental advantage heading into this bout. Having said that, it’s hard to be overly optimistic with this squad after their less-than-inspiring defeat against Furious Gaming last Sunday.

Isurus, on the other side, have had quite a fruitful journey through the last two competitive weeks, where they picked up wins over All Knights, Pixel Esports Club, Furious Gaming and most recently XTEN Esports. The Argentinian team are on the rise, which in most part is thanks to the phenomenal performance from their ADC Fabián Esteban “Warangelus” Llanos Bernal and mid laner Édgar Ali “Seiya” Bracamontes Munguía.

Despite the fact, Isurus already lost twice to Rainbow7, they look like a stronger side here and if Seiya and Warangelus can continue with their strong showings, this should be an easy win for the Argentinians.

Prediction: Isurus to win

XTEN Esports vs Infinity Esports – Sunday, April 19 – 16:00 CST (Mexico City)

XTEN and Infinity met twice so far this season, splitting one win apiece, which suggests this could be a close bout, however, it’s rather clear which side is entering this fixture as the main favourites. While XTEN (6-8) have been struggling to find any consistency throughout the season, Infinity were on a roll and produced an impressive 11-3 record throughout the opening seven competitive weeks.

The only three teams that managed to derail Infinity this season were R7, XTEN and Isurus. It’s hard to deny Infinity have shown significantly more this season, but it’s still concerning to see they have lost to XTEN last week and it was not even a close defeat. The main issue we have with Infinity are their weird drafts, which simply don’t fit into this League of Legends patch nor are they in any way shape or form suitable for the current meta.

Infinity might have better individual quality, but since they are clearly experimenting with their drafts, probably because they are already guaranteed a playoffs spot, it’s hard to side with them here. It might be a longshot bet, but XTEN are at least trying to win, which should give them a fighting chance and a realistic possibility to pick up an upset win or at least keep the match close.

Prediction: XTEN Esports +8.5 kills

Isurus vs All Knights – Sunday, April 19 – 17:00 CST (Mexico City)

Isurus and All Knights met twice this split with each side picking up one W. Their most recent clash came at the start of Week 6, where it was Isurus who secured a dominant win with 16-9 kills lead and +7.4k gold lead. Warangelus and Seiya were once more the main carries for their side, while jungler Sebastián “Oddie” Niño proved he is a level above his counterpart Manuel “Pancake” Scala.

The jungle difference will play a crucial role here, and while Pancake established himself as one of the top-three junglers throughout the season, his recent showings were less-than-inspiring. Additionally, All Knights looked very shaky in their clash with Pixel Gaming last week and if they don’t improve here, they will struggle to win.

Prediction: Isurus Gaming to win

XTEN Esports vs Rainbow7 – Sunday, April 19 – 18:00 CST (Mexico City)

Rainbow7 will look to extend their head-to-head record against XTEN to 3-0 in their final fixture of the split, which is slated to be played this Sunday, April 19. Although this match will not mean a lot to R7, given that they have already secured a ticket for the playoffs, it still hard to side with XTEN, who clearly struggle against R7. Their first meeting was a snooze fest with only 11 kills on the board in 41 minutes and the same can be said for their second meeting, which saw the same amount of kills in almost half the time (24 minutes). Another thing these games had in common was R7 dominance, who outplayed their adversaries both in lane an in macro play.

R7 are the stronger side in these meetings and it’s hard to expect that will change here. Additionally, it’s worth looking at the under 21.5 kills marked, given that these two sides play very passively.

  • Prediction: Rainbow7 to win
  • Prediction: Under 21.5 kills

Infinity Esports vs All Knights – Sunday, April 19 – 19:00 CST (Mexico City)

The final fixture of the LLA Opening Season will see two league frontrunners Infinity Esports and All Knights duke it out on the Summoner’s Rift for the third and final time.

Infinity Esports will enter this bout with a 2-0 h2h record against All Knights, which suggests they should come out ahead here as well and considering how one-sided their previous meetings were, it’s hard to believe otherwise. In their first meeting, which took place during Week 2, Infinity won the match with 16-4 scoreline, while their second meeting ended with Infinity pulling out ahead with 13-5.

Much of Infinity’s success against All Knights in their previous meetings was due to the phenomenal performance from their star ADC Matías “WhiteLotus” Musso who dominated the bottom lane on his signature Kalista. Since Kalista just recently received some buffs with Patch 10.8, we can expect WhiteLotus to dominate his lane once more. AK might want to consider banning Kalista from the champion pool, which will mean they will be leaving other strong picks open, effectively meaning they will be in a huge disadvantage in the draft. For that reason, it’s hard to bet against Infinity here and since WhiteLotus looks to be in great form ahead of the playoffs, this should be an easy win for the Costa Rican esports team.

Prediction: Infinity Esports to win