League of Legends LDL April 16 Matches

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League of Legends LDL April 16 Matches

Team WE Academy vs SDX Gaming – Thursday, April 16 – 16:00 CST (Beijing)

Thursday’s fixtures at League of Legends Development League (LDL) will kick off with a clash between SDX Gaming and Academy team of Team World Elite. SDX did not make many notable roster changes since last split when they finished at a very respectable third place, however, failed to show any quality in the playoffs, where they fell flat and ended up pocketing a top-eight finish. Team WE, on the other side had a season to forget, as they did not make it to the playoffs of the 2019 Summer Split, however, there is a reason to believe that will change here.

With the addition of support Lu “Viod” Fan, jungler Li “Fan” Si-Fan, as well as mid laner Chen “yimeng” Ming-Yong and Wan “Clever9” Zhi-Cong, both of whom previously played for the main roster, Team WE Academy gained a lot of quality. SDX, on the other side kept ahold of the deadly bottom lane duo in Xue “Avenger0” Chang-Jun and Chen “L1n” Shi-Lin which is a big positive.

SDX have an advantage in the bottom lane, while Team WE Academy look to be stronger in mid, jungle and top lane. Although the current state of meta makes it easy to carry the game with some ADCs, the pressure from the jungle should prevent SDX duo lane to get too ahead. Side with Team WE here.

Prediction: Team WE to win

ViCi Gaming Potential vs Oh My Dream – Thursday, April 16 – 16:00 CST (Beijing)

This match looks like one of the most one-sided bouts of the day solely looking at the previous season record, but there is more to it than meets the eye. ViCI dominated the previous season of LDL as they fielded some of the best players in the league. That, however, won’t be the case this season, considering ViCi Gaming Potential parted ways with Fu “Hang” Ming-Hang, Zhu “Zdz” De-Zhang, Li “Aix” Yang, Da “Cube” YI and Xia “Chelizi” Han-Xi, who all joined the main roster. Bear in mind, those players were the core members of this team and five of the best-performing players in the league.

Since the departure of their core quintet, ViCi are clearly not the same team they were and while they did bring in a few reinforcements none look to be of the needed quality for ViCi GP to repeat their success from last season. Oh My Dream, on the other side lost Huang “Minn9” Min-Min and Zhou “L3est16” Zhi-Li, who were two of their best players outside of Hao “Bafang” Yi-Chen. We don’t know how strong ViCi will look like this season, but it’s hard to side with Oh My Dream, who not only performed laughably bad last season, but also lost two of their key players in the offseason.

Prediction: ViCi Gaming Potential to win

LGD.Y vs LNG Academy – Thursday, April 16 – 18:00 CST (Beijing)

LNG Academy were the worst team in 2019 LDL Summer Split and since they failed to make any notable roster changes it’s hard to expect that will change this split. What’s more, their top laner Zhou “chenlun17” Peng-Yuan and ADC Wang “Light” Guang-Yu left for the main roster, while mid laner Sun “dzs” Yu joined Victorious Gaming.

LGD.Y (formerly VP Game) will surely fancy their chances against the struggling LNG Academy and with the addition of ex-Invictus Gaming member Chen “West” Long and ex-LGD Gaming jungler Ding “Kui” Zi-Hao, LFD.Y look like a potential playoffs team. There is no going around the fact that LNG Academy are the weaker side, and while an upset win is always something to consider in these opening fixtures, we would not count on seeing any surprises.

Prediction: LGD.Y to win

EDG Youth Team vs Bilibili Gaming Junior – Thursday, April 16 – 18:00 CST (Beijing)

Both teams looked solid in 2019 Summer Split, however, there is a reason to believe EDG Youth Team will struggle to see the same success this year. During the offseason, they lost top laner Huang “xiaoXiang” Xiang and ADC Wang “Hope” Jue, who left for the main roster, while they also had to part ways with support Liao “Iwandy” Ding-Yang, who left to play in the LPL with LNG Esports and top laner Chen “Cult” Guo-Ji, who joined LGD Gaming. A huge roster reshuffle followed, which will see EDG YT enter 2020 season with a completely new roster. Two of the biggest additions are ex-ViCi Gaming jungler Zeng “Youdang” Xian-Xin and ADC Yao “GENTLE” Xi-Jian.

Bilibili Gaming Junior, on the other side lost five of their core members in ADC Shi “virus” Hao-Long, support Yang “Moonlingh” En-Jian and ADC Wang “xiaoliulian” Shu-Kai who left for the main roster, while jungler Lee “Chieftain” Jae-yub got picked up by ViCi Gaming. This effectively means Bilibili Gaming Junior will field a completely new roster. The problem, however, is that Bilibili Gaming Younior failed to find any notable replacements besides Chen “M1anhua” Jia-Hao and Xie “Kine” Chao who arrived from the main roster as inactive members.

It’s hard to trust Bilibili Gaming Junior before we see them play and while their rookies might surprise everyone, we have to side with EDG Youth Team here, as they at least field some established players, who we can trust will deliver.

Prediction: EDG Youth Team to win