League of Legends Champions LCK – Week 8; Wednesday and Thursday matches

Posted by Derrick Harper on April 6, 2020 in

League of Legends Champions LCK – Week 8; Wednesday and Thursday matches

DAMWON Gaming vs Griffin

  • Wednesday, April 8 – 17:00 KST

With a 3-12 record to their name, Griffin are more or less guaranteed to get relegated from the league, that is if they don’t upset DAMWON, Afreeca Freecs and pick up a win against Hanwha Life in Week 9. DAMWON, on the other side are the hottest Korean LoL team heading into Week 8, with a streak of four consecutive 2-0 wins behind them, which includes complete destruction of three-time World Champions T1 last weekend.

As much as the LoL community would like to see Griffin produce an upset here and save themselves from relegation, their chances of winning one map, let alone the whole series are extremely slim. DAMWON are looking way too strong at the moment for us to not back them at -1.5 map handicap and if they can look half as good as they did against T1, we might be looking at the fastest series of the split.

League  of Legends Prediction: DAMWON -1.5 maps

APK Prince vs Gen.G

  • Wednesday, April 8 – 20:00 KST

Gen.G will clash with APK Prince in what can easily be seen as even more one-sided bout compared to the opening fixture between Griffin and DAMWON. Although there are many ways this match can go, the fact of the matter is that Gen.G are currently the strongest Korean LoL team, while APK Prince are sitting at the eighth place in the league with 5-10 record to their name.

As LCK newcomers, APK Prince managed to hold their ground throughout the season, as they picked up a win against Afreeca Freecs and two against KT Rolster, yet they are still miles from being regarded as a playoffs contenders or even a mid-table team. As we have come to realise, Kim “Cover” Joo-eon and company are capable of picking up a win against some weaker teams in the league, but they will be fighting an uphill battle against here, as they are a level or two below Gen.G. Some may argue Gen.G won’t take this match seriously, as they are guaranteed a playoffs appearance, however, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk still need to win more games than T1 to secure the top seed, so we can’t expect them to hold back here.

League  of Legends Prediction: Gen.G -1.5 maps

T1 vs SANDBOX Gaming

  • Thursday, April 9 – 17:00 KST

SANDBOX Gaming are entering this bout as heavy underdogs, which is a fair assessment from bookmakers. Although SANDBOX established themselves as a solid team last summer, when they finished third in the regular season and went on to pocket bronze in LCK 2019 Regional Finals, Park “Summit” Woo-tae and company, left a lot to be desired this season, as they are holding onto a 5-10 league record. In theory, this still means SANDBOX are in the race for the playoffs, but given their poor throughout last two weeks, when they lost to APK Prince (0-2) and struggled against Hanwha Life (2-1), it’s hard to expect too much from them here.

If this wasn’t a crucial match for Faker and co. to win, we would look at our options on +1.5 map handicap on SANDBOX, but considering T1 can’t afford to drop a single match in the remaining two weeks, siding with the three-time World Champions to produce a clean sweep seems like the best bet to make.

League  of Legends Prediction: T1 -1.5 maps

Griffin vs Afreeca Freecs

  • Thursday, April 9 – 17:00 KST

Clearly, Afreeca Freecs have enjoyed a more fruitful venture through the season, but that does not mean they are necessarily the stronger side here. In fact, they looked extremely bad throughout the last two weeks, when they lost to SANDBOX (0-2), Gen.G (0-2), KT Rolster (1-2), APK Prince (0-2), DAMWON (0-2) and even Hanwha Life (0-2).
At this pace, Afreeca Freecs will finish the season eighth or possibly even drop down to the relegation zone. On the paper, they are still the stronger side, but their recent performances suggest they will struggle even against the likes of Griffin. Esports bookmakers have Griffin priced at 2.37 which is very generous and although this match will most likely mean nothing for them in terms of their final placement, siding with the underdogs to produce an upset win against the struggling is still the best bet to make in our books.

League  of Legends Prediction: Griffin to win