How to bet on Overwatch

Posted by Aaron . on April 10, 2020 in

Overwatch is widely regarded as one of the most popular esports titles in the industry and while it still lacks viewership numbers of CS:GO and League of Legends, as two of the biggest esports titles, Overwatch has still gained renown as one of the most popular games amongst esports bettors.

How to bet on Overwatch

Overwatch basics

Overwatch is a 6v6 team-based first-person shooter game, which unlike other FPS titles puts a lot of emphasis on completing the game objectives rather than scoring kills, although the latter play a crucial role in team’s ability to complete their missions faster and more efficiently. Unlike most other FPS titles, Overwatch also offers a lot of diversity by allowing players to pick from a plethora of different characters (or “heroes”) to play with, each with its own unique abilities and roles suited for countless situations, which not only adds a new level of complexity to the game but also inspires teams to build careful strategies around their team’s compositions and the combination of the said abilities.

The game has three distinct game modes: Escort, Control and Assault, while its fourth game-type, Hybrid, combines the elements of them all. Overwatch also offers up to 30 distinct maps, which are designed around a specific game-mode, yet also offer unique features, which adds yet another layer of complexity to the game.

Overwatch might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with its finely-tuned and balanced gameplay which inspires teams and players to be creative and find new, unique strategies to win their games, Overwatch can easily be described as one of the most exciting esports game titles on the market.

Overwatch betting types

Betting on Overwatch is in many ways the same as wagering on any other esports title and is to some degree even similar to betting more “traditional sports”, yet there are some distinct differences that come with the unique gameplay Blizzard’s FPS title is known for.


Pretty self-explanatory bet, which can be found in any sport/esport, making it the most basic bet type on the market. With it, you predict the outcome/result of the match in question, essentially, you predict which team will win. The name of the bet might vary based on the bookmaker, but in most cases, it’s known as “Match Winner”, “Head to Head” bet or “Moneyline”.


A very familiar bet type for any bettor and one of the most popular bet types esports bettors use for their betting endeavours. As with any other sport/esport, handicap betting is mostly used in games where he have a significantly stronger team facing off against the underdogs. Such games can easily be found by either having in-depth knowledge of the teams or simply at looking at the Moneyline odds.

With handicap bet, you’re placing a bet on whether one team with the handicap disadvantage or advantage will win the game. The set margin, which is usually called “the line” gives the favourites a small disadvantage or an advantage to the underdogs, usually in form of kills or rounds in a bid to put the game on equal footing.


With totals bet type, we as bettors predict whether the teams will reach a predetermined value of any of the game’s elements, which usually looks at the total number of kills or rounds. The latter tends to be more popular amongst bettors, yet it can only be found in games that are played in best-of-three (Bo3) or Bo5 series, while the total kills bet is present in any of the matches.

Proposition bets

A niche type of bets which tend to not be utilized as often, but still provide skilled bettors with some excellent betting opportunities. Given that Overwatch is quite different to most other esports titles, its “prop bets” also differ in many ways, which can be said for any esports/sports title.

Due to its unique nature, however, not many esports bookmakers offer proposition bets on Overwatch, which in most cases should not be considered as a loss to any esports bettor, as there are other, better bet types available to place our wager on.

Tournament/Outright betting

A very common and very simple bet type to understand, where you place a wager on an Overwatch team which you believe will be the overall winner of the specific tournament/event. Those kinds of bets are significantly rarer for obvious reasons.

Overall, betting on Overwatch is pretty straight-forward, in most part because it’s very similar to the betting options available for many other esports titles. Overwatch does, however, offer significantly fewer prop bet types as compared to other esports titles such as Dota2 or League of Legends, where we can see and bet on more specific outcomes, such as “first blood”, “first Baron kill”, etc., but that should not deter anyone from playing an occasional bet on your favourite Overwatch squad.