Counter Strike #HomeSweetHome May 20th Matches

eSports Betting: Counter Strike #HomeSweetHome May 20th Matches

Written by on May 19, 2020

Each week is a new tournament, with $40,000 up for grabs. Teams are split into four groups of 4, with each group matches completed in a single day. The top 2 teams head into the playoffs, with the winner taking $30k and the runner-up pocketing $10k. With week 5 underway, the 4 teams on Group B will be facing head to head for a chance to get into the playoffs of the Counter Strike #HomeSweetHome Cup. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming matches and their Counter Strike betting odds.

Counter Strike #HomeSweetHome May 20th Matches

Team Secret vs Apeks – Home Sweet Home Cup 5 – Wednesday, May 20 – 10:50 CEST

Apeks are entering this fixture with a 39.3% win rate across the last three months. They attended BLAST Rising 2020, where they failed to win a single match and ended up pocketing a 13th-16th place finish. On a positive note, they at least came close to winning their bouts against FATE (14-16) and twice against Movistar Riders (13-16 and 17-19), although their reverse fixture against FATE (9-16) and two meetings with Japaleno (8-16 and 5-16) were less than inspiring. Apeks did not attend the fourth installment of Home Sweet Home Cup, but were present in season 3, where they picked two wins against and AVEZ and finished fifth-eighth. Apeks also won the Telia League Spring 2020 at the start of the month, but it’s worth pointing out that the tournament lacked any serious competition, since Apeks only defeated Riddle and Nordavind NO.

Team Secret are a complete contrast to Apeks in terms of their recent showings. Martin “PERCY” Wessel and his crew will enter this match with a 61% win rate over the past three months, however, they looked a bit shaky during their BLAST Rising 2020 campaign with only one win out of five matches. Looking back, Secret reached the finals of Home Sweet Home Cup 4 during the weekend, where they lost to Complexity, which is not all that bad since Complexity’s Counter Strike team are an objectively much stronger opponent.

Both teams boast with fairly big map pools, but that does not necessarily mean a lot in a lower tier of Counter-Strike competitive scene. Instead, it’s the form of teams that counts the most and since Secret are in much better shape, they should have no issues defeating the struggling Apeks. Bet on Secret to win 2-0.

Prediction: Team Secret to win

Spirit vs AVEZ – Home Sweet Home Cup 5 – Wednesday, May 20 – 12:20 CEST

Spirit are coming into the match on the heels of amazing performance at the ESL One: Road to Rio – CIS, where Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov and his men managed to stay undefeated throughout the whole tournament. Even though they were lucky enough to avoid the strongest CIS roster (Natus Vincere), Spirit still managed to pick up wins against fairly decent teams in, forZe, Gambit Youngsters, Nemiga and Winstrike. Due to their strong showings in recent weeks, it’s safe to assume Spirit will fancy their chances to defeat AVEZ and turn their eight-game winning streak, into nine.

AVEZ are dealing with roster issues, as they are seemingly unable to find any stability with their CS:GO lineup. So far this year, they had to replace Michał “MOLSI” Łcki twice with stand-in players in Dawid “pendzel” Ryczko and Paweł “byali” Bieliński. Nonetheless, MOLSI was present in AVEZ’s most recent defeat against Endpoint (0-2) and is likely to be available for the upcoming match, so that issue is resolved. In regards to AVEZ’s results, they’re coming into this match in terrible form, winning only 40% of the fixtures they have played across the past three months. Additionally, they have won only two games in their last five against Secret and sAw, which is not all too promising.

Comparing the two sides, it’s hard to imagine this fixture will end in any other way than with a complete 2-0 stomp by Team Spirit. The Russians are entering this match in a superior form and although online matches can be highly unpredictable, the quality difference is far too high for us to consider AVEZ as a team that will put up any resistance. Bet on Spirit to win 2-0.

Prediction: Spirit -1.50 Maps