Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Home Sweet Home Cup 2

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Home Sweet Home Cup 2

Movistar Riders vs Syman – Tuesday, April 14 – 11:50 CET (Berlin)

Both teams are coming into the match with two wins from their last five matches. Movistar Riders defeated Syman and Hard Legion but failed to see the same success against Sprout, Jalapeno and Heretics. Syman, on the other side lost to Movistar Riders, Heretics and Spirit, while their two wins came against SMASH and Nordavind. It’s worth noting, however, that the teams Movistar and Syman faced can hardly be regarded as strong sides, so it’s safe to say neither team is in a particularly good form ahead of the Tuesday’s bout.

Movistar Riders and Syman met a total of three times so far, with the Riders coming out victorious on each occasion. The last time they met was as the Counter Strike Cyber.Bet Cup just a couple of days ago, where Movistar Riders won 2-0 in a best-of-three (Bo3) match, securing a comfortable 16-7 win on Overpass, followed by a slightly closer 16-13 win on Train. Alejandro “ALEX” Masanet emerged as the MVP of the said fixture, with 46 frags to his name and an amazing 1.47 HLTV rating.

Although Movistar Riders are lower-rated compared to Syman, they are clearly in much better shape and the fact that they already bested Syman, they should also enjoy a level of a physiological advantage coming into this bout. Having said that, the Bo1 format usually features a big number of upset wins and close games and considering Syman came close to defeating Movistar on their own map pick (Train) suggests the veto goes in their favour, which should result in a much closer bout with Syman looking like they have a legitimate chance to pocket an upset win.

Prediction: Syman to win vs Spirit – Tuesday, April 14 – 13:20 CET (Berlin) and Spirit will lock horns in the opening match of Group A at Counter Strike Home Sweet Home Cup 2. Both teams are coming into the match after suffering a defeat against BIG with VP losing 0-2, while Spirit managed to push the Germans into three maps (1-2). It’s worth noting, however, that had Spirit a bit more luck on their side, they could’ve easily picked up a 2-0 win.

Although players are of a higher individual quality compared to those in Team Spirit, the latter play much better and boast with a stronger synergy, which earned them a solid 4-1 run in their last five fixtures. In their last five, Spirit defeated North, forZe, SMASH and Syman, while their only loss came against the aforementioned BIG. VP, on the other side, lost against BIG in two straight maps, albeit it was a pretty close series with both maps going into the overtime.

Because this tournament uses a best-of-one (Bo1) format, this bout has the potential to turn into a close one, but given the recent announcements which unveiled are set to go through roster changes in the summer, which will surely affect the team’s morale and the fact that Spirit looked far better in recent matches suggests it should be the latter who look set to claim the spoils here.

Prediction: Spirit to win