Counter Strike BLAST Rising 2020 Semi-Finals

eSports Betting: Counter Strike BLAST Rising 2020 Semi-Finals

Written by on May 20, 2020

Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming matches and their Counter Strike betting odds.

Counter Strike BLAST Rising 2020 Semi-Finals

Endpoint vs Nordavind – BLAST Rising 2020 – Thursday, May 21 – 17:00 CEST

Endpoint and Nordavind will meet in the opening semi-finals bout at the BLAST Rising 2020, which will also be their second meeting to date. The last time Endpoint and Nordavind met on the battlefield was back in 2019, when Endpoint’s roster still played under the ex-Epsilon banner. The match saw ex-Epsilon take the series lead with 16-9 on Overpass, even though they had to replace their player NK4Y with Luzuh in the 20th round, due to internet issues. The second map was much closer, however, it was ex-Epsilon who came out ahead (16-14) to seal the series with a perfect 2-0. Since that meeting, both sides made a few roster changes, so we should not put too much weight on Endpoint’s win.

Endpoint and Nordavind both won four out of their last five matches and are entering this bout in great form. Endpoint have defeated LDLC,, AVEZ and SKADE, and only lost to a significantly stronger Complexity in the finals of Home Sweet Home Cup 4. Nordavind, on the other side, defeated Giants, HAVU, AGO and FATE, but lost to Sprout.

Based on their recent record, Endpoint look slightly stronger and are highly likely to walk away with a win, however, Nordavind are not as bad as they’re portrayed to be. They have a strong map pool, which will help them remain competitive and win at least one map. Bet on the series to go the distance!

Prediction: Over 2.50 Maps

HAVU vs ALTERNATE aTTaX – BLAST Rising 2020 – Thursday, May 21 – 20:45 CEST

The second semi-finals fixture of the Counter Strike BLAST Rising 2020 will serve with an exciting match between the Finnish Endpoint and the German ALTERNATE aTTaX. HAVU and AA have met seven times throughout the last season, with HAVU winning four matches and eight maps, while AA pocketed three wins and five maps. Most of their previous clashes were very close and since two of the maps even entered the overtime, it’s safe to say we are in for another close encounter this Wednesday.

HAVU had an exceptional run through FLASHPOINT, however, the Finnish roster have cooled down significantly since. Most recently they dropped games against weaker sides in Giants and Nordavind, and won against amateur team CrazyCoco (16-3), ajuri (2-0) and Japaleno (2-0), albeit the latter two matches were a bit too close for comfort. ALTERNATE aTTaX looked solid throughout BLAST Rising 2020 campaign so far, picking up five wins against Tricked(twice), Salamander(twice) and Heretics, while losing only to Endpoint.

Considering AA managed to defeat Heretics, who have not long ago caused serious headaches to some of the strongest CS:GO teams in the scene, we have to value AA’s recent wins higher. HAVU have visibly drooped in form throughout the recent weeks and if they can’t suddenly improve and recapture their form from FLASHPOINT, they will be fighting an uphill battle against ALTERNATE aTTaX. Bet on ALTERNATE aTTaX to surprise HAVU.

Prediction: ALTERNATE aTTaX to win