eSports Betting: Call of Duty League – New York Home Series – July 10 matches

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The 11th Home Series of the Call of Duty League (CDL) is scheduled to kick off this Friday, July 10, where we will once more see eight CDL teams duke it out for the largest slice of US $80,000 prize pool and 110 CDL points. Let’s have a preview of the upcoming matches so you can make your bets against their Call of Duty odds.

Call of Duty League (CDL) – New York Home Series – July 10 matches

With only three more series left to be played before the CDL Championship, the race for a favourable seed is heating up with only 40 CDL points separating the league leaders Atlanta FaZe from the fourth-placed Dallas Empire. Meanwhile, only 10 points are separating the bottom teams in LA Guerrillas, Seattle Surge and Toronto Ultra from securing a top-eight finish. Suffice to say, there is a lot on the line ahead of the New York Home Series, which can only mean we are in for an exciting weekend of Call of Duty action.

Group A – Paris Legion vs Toronto Ultra – Friday, July 10 – 13:00 PST

Paris Legion failed to show up in their Home Series last weekend, where they lost to Florida Mutineers and London Royal Ravens to finish last alongside OpTic Gaming LA. It’s quite shocking to see how low this team has fallen, considering they looked like one of the top-six teams only a couple of weeks ago, but now, they look more like one of the bottom three. They seem to only be half decent on Search & Destroy and even there, they’re ranked seventh in the league, whereas Paris Legion are 10th in Hardpoint and ninth in Domination.

Toronto Ultra, on the other side, looked very solid as of late. Even though they’re still only 10th in the league with 50 points, this squad has the potential to make it to the playoffs. During the last Home Series, they managed to take Atlanta FaZe to five games (2-3), completely crushed OpTic (3-0) and lost to Subliners (1-3). Ultra are also fairly solid on Domination (sixth) and sit somewhere in the middle of the pack on both S&D (eighth) and Hardpoint (eighth).

Even though this match could be close, Toronto are the team to beat. If they can play at the same level they did back in Paris, they will be hard to beat and should come out ahead.

  • Prediction: Toronto Ultra to win

Group A – Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Atlanta FaZe – Friday, July 10 – 16:00 PST

LA Guerrillas are not in a good spot heading into the 11th Home Series of the season. Although they tend to perform admirably well on S&D, their respawn performances leave a lot to be desired. On a more positive note, Guerrillas made it to the playoffs during the Minnesota Home Series, where they defeated Toronto Ultra (3-2) and Chicago Huntsmen (3-2), and even though they lost to Atlanta FaZe (2-3), Guerrillas managed to force a game five, which is a respectable achievement in its own regard.

For this team to succeed, they need to work on their Domination, where they’re 5-15. Meanwhile, Guerrillas are still one of the best S&D teams in the league (third) and we have seen some improvement on Hardpoint (11-22).

Atlanta FaZe are arguably the best or at least the second-best team in the league. It’s still somewhat concerning to see that three out of their last four games (against Toronto, New York and Empire) went to game five, but at the same time, FaZe won all three of those fixtures, which is comforting.

Additionally, FaZe have seemingly started to underperform on Domination and Hardpoint, which allowed Chicago to take the title as the best respawn team. They’re, however, still the best S&D team with 25-10 series record and boast with by far the highest (+1.26) differential in the league.

Even though FaZe should win, this game has the potential to go at least four maps, as most of their last five did. A bet on FaZe to win is still the safest option, while Over 4.5 maps should also be considered at higher odds.

  • Prediction: FaZe to win
  • Prediction: Over 4.5 maps

Group B – London Royal Ravens vs Chicago Huntsmen – Friday, July 10 – 17:30 PST

London Royal Ravens had a rough weekend behind them, where they did not show much besides taking Dallas Empire to five games (2-3) in round one of the group stage. After that, Royal Ravens defeated Paris Legion (3-1) but lost to Dallas (0-3), so it’s hard to see them as one of the top-five teams. The problem with this team is their inconsistency. They can either win or lose convincingly, which has to do something with their lack of coherency. Nevertheless, this team has the potential to either finish the group stage 0-2 or claw their way into the playoffs, so putting up a solid performance against Chicago will be crucial.

Chicago are easily one of the top teams in the league, albeit they can hardly be regarded as the best team due to their recent struggles. They’re still the No.1 team in both Domination and Hardpoint, while they are only fourth in S&D. This team could lift the title this season, but for them to achieve that, they need to improve their S&D performances. In Minnesota, they went 1-4 in S&D which is not optimal.

Due to Chicago’s struggles on S&D, London just might pick up one map, but considering how dominant Huntsmen are on respawn, this should be a pretty straightforward win for them.

  • Prediction: Chicago Huntsman to win

Group B – New York Subliners vs Minnesota Røkkr – Friday, July 10 – 17:30 PST

Minnesota are a team you don’t exactly know how to rank. They’re definitely not one worst, but they’re also not one of the top teams in the league. Having said that, they won only one game over the last two series and even that came against OpTic Gaming (3-2). What’s more, Minnesota have not impressed with their performances across all three game modes lately. Even though they’re still fourth in Hardpoint, they failed to show that over the last couple of weeks. What’s more, they tend to struggle on respawn and it will be crucial for them to improve soon or at least before the Championship.

Talking about respawn performance, Subliners have improved heaps in recent weeks. During the last Home Series, Subliners made it to the playoffs after defeating OpTic (3-1) and Toronto Ultra (1-3) and even though they lost to Atlanta FaZe (2-3) and Florida (2-3), forcing a five-map series against two of the strongest teams in the league is not something to take lightly.

There is no hiding the fact Subliners have been improving, whereas Minnesota started to struggle. Based on the form and consistency these two sides have shown, Subliners seem like a safer bet.

  • Prediction: New York Subliners to win