2017 Grammy Awards Betting Odds and Predictions

Posted by Peter Boysen on February 7, 2017 in

The 2017 Grammy Awards are coming up this Sunday, and Adele and Beyonce are squaring off in four of the major categories: Best Pop Solo Performance, Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year. The Grammys aren’t about who sold the most records, but you can still look at those numbers to get an idea of which nominees are likely in the lead. While you’re here, make sure that you look at all of our Grammy odds and lines for this week.

2017 Grammy Awards Betting Odds and Predictions

Album of the Year

25 (Adele), Lemonade (Beyonce)

Well, let’s see. Adele’s album has sold almost 8 times as many copies (8.03 million to 1.051 million) as Beyonce’s effort. Lemonade has about a billion more VEVO views — and Beyonce has more than four times as many Instagram followers. However, you have to like album sales more than online views if you’re in the industry, and the fact that people are making the purchase instead of just taking a look should speak volumes to the voters. The fact that Lemonade only streamed on Tidal (instead of Apple Music or Spotify) limited her exposure.

Best New Artist

Chance the Rapper’s new effort Coloring Book has steamed more than 57 million times on Apple Music — and he leads the other nominees (Kelsea Ballerini, The Chainsmokers, Anderson Paak and Maren Morris) in Twitter followers by a mile, with almost 3 million (The Chainsmokers come in a distant second with 973,000, while Maren Morris has a scant 92,000). Chance the Rapper benefited from the Billboard 200 rating system that includes streaming in addition to album sales — and his record became the first ever to hit the charts simply on the basis of streaming. However, it’s The Chainsmokers who dominate VEVO view with almost 2.9 billion. In second place? Chance the Rapper, with almost 142 million. I have to like Chance the Rapper here thanks to the streaming volume on multiple platforms.

Song of the Year

We have five likely favorites: “Hello” (Adele), “Love Yourself” (Justin Bieber) “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” (Mike Posner), “7 Years” (Graham) and “Formation” (Beyonce). The most surprising nominee was Posner’s song, and sometimes surprises get the win. However, Bieber’s “Love Yourself” has pulled in 1.06 billion views. However, what song was more iconic in the last year than “Hello”? That’s our pick for the win here.

Record of the Year

If you’re wondering what the differences among album, song and record of the year are, the album refers to a larger collection, while song and record both are given to a single. The Song of the Year award recognizes the singer/songwriter, while Record of the Year honors production value, overall performance and other factors. The recording work that went into Beyonce’s “Formation” makes it our favorite, ahead of “Love Yourself,” “7 Years,” “Work” (Rihanna) and “Stressed Out” (Twenty One Pilots).