2017 Academy Awards Betting Predictions

Posted by Peter Boysen on February 7, 2017 in

It’s almost time for the 2017 Academy Awards — the “Oscars.” A lot of intrigue goes into the guessing as to which of the nominated films and actors will walk away with the most coveted trophy in the film industry. Take a look at our carefully researched picks — and then take a look at all of our Academy Awards odds and lines for this week.

2017 Academy Awards Betting Predictions

Best Picture Nominees:

La La Land (4/1) — With 14 nominations, tied with Titanic and All About Eve for the most ever — this could be the juggernaut of the year. This powerful musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is hard to bet against.

Moonlight (8/1) — This is the story of a young African-American man moving from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. This type of self-discovery tale is extremely well done, starring Mahershala Ali, and in a year when there’s been so much chatter about hatred and discrimination, this could pull off a big win.

Hidden Figures (9/1) — A group of African-American women who were skilled at mathematics helped NASA get the space program underway. Octavia Spencer (The Help) returns with another terrific role, and it wouldn’t be hard to see this terrific depiction of an important time in American history get the win.

Lion (10/1) — A young child in India ends up hundreds of miles from home, growing up in a new and strange family, but when he gets old enough, he wants to go back and find his roots. A solid rendition of an amazing journey of self-discovery.

Manchester by the Sea (15/1)
Arrival (20/1)
Hacksaw Ridge (24/1)
Fences (30/1)
Hell or High Water (50/1)

Best Actor Nominees

Denzel Washington (5/1) — While Fences is a long shot for Best Picture, Washington’s rendition of this tragic character is pure gold.

Casey Affleck (10/1) — In Manchester by the Sea, Affleck does a terrific job showing the emotional difficulties of returning home.

Ryan Gosling (12/1) — If Gosling wins, it will be because of the huge tide of momentum that La La Land brings in for all of its nominations. He does a solid job, but he’s not the best of this bunch.

Viggo Mortensen (20/1) — Mortensen plays an off-the- grid dad who wants to raise his kids to question authority and deny a corporate lifestyle. He brings the anger and grief (when his wife commits suicide and his former in-laws try to take his kids away) in just the right amounts, but the odd ending of the movie robs the film of its real chance at catharsis.

Andrew Garfield (40/1) — Garfield does a strong job in Hacksaw Ridge, but the others in this category are just too strong.

Best Actress Nominees

Emma Stone (3/1) — She makes La La Land awesome, and this trophy will be hers.

Natalie Portman (7/1) — She is a stunning Jackie O. In another year, she would be the lock for the win.

Meryl Streep (15/1) — You could argue that this nomination is more about Streep’s resume (and her opposition to President Trump) than it is about Florence Foster Jenkins.

Isabelle Huppert (25/1) for Elle — an intriguing thriller from Paul Verhoeven, but the story is much better than the acting.

Ruth Negga (50/1) for Loving — she follows up a strong debut in 12 Years a Slave, but the portrayal of the Lovings’ relationship lacks the power and nuance that Negga would need to win here.