Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – May 15th

Posted by Aaron . on May 15, 2018 in

The boxing world turns the page and moves into the middle of May. The middle of May sees some pretty good matches that you will want to consider placing a boxing betting ticket on. Based on the latest odds, let’s take a look at some of the Top Picks of the Week, and give you our free pick and prediction for all the matchups we like.

Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – May 15th

Andrew Moloney -2500 over Richard Cloveras – Saturday

Moloney comes into this affair without a loss in his boxing career. That includes 16 battles. Now, he goes to Town Hall in Malvern Victoria, Australia where he is a massive favorite.

His last win was via unanimous decision over Rene Dacquel. Richard Cloveras is going to have a nice career in boxing, but this is a bad matchup for him. He stands no chance. Bettors are giving him no chance, and he just is not big enough, strong enough or fast enough for Moloney.

Jason Moloney +120 over Kohei Kono – Saturday

It’s going to be a great day for the Moloney brothers. This one is underdog against the tough Kohei Kono. But the Town Hall in Malvern Victoria, Australia is going to be home of the Moloney brothers winning. The Smooth One is also unbeaten, so putting him as the underdog was a surprise to us.

Kono is a 37-year-old from Japan that has a ton of experience. In fact, this is his 46th fight, and he has won 33 of them. This will be an incredible matchup, but keeping the Moloney’s unbeaten seems to be the right call.

Richard Vella +133 over Christian Schembri – Saturday

Two guys with limited elite boxing experience, we are going with the one we know more about. Vella is a tough cookie that likes to hit. He can be hit, and withstand it.

Schembri will eventually get impatient and take the knock out blow. We are betting on the underdog in this battle on Saturday and going with Vella over Schembri.

Niclas Elfstedt -312 over Mimmo Mule – Saturday

Niclas Elfstedt is turning into a YouTube star, as he is showing his ability to fight there. It’s been fun watching the start of this guys career.

Mimmo Mule shouldn't be one of your Boxing Betting picks of the week.

He is going to win many fights, and this is just another on the docket. Mimmo Mule is the guy that’s going to take the brunt of his ability on Saturday. The favorite is Elfstedt, and that’s who we are going to bet on Saturday.

Adonis Stevenson -204 over Badou Jack – Saturday

Take the favorite in this battle. Do not be afraid to take money that is given to you. Despite it not being great odds, Stevenson should have no problem winning this fight. If we were betting on our favorite boxing names, we would take the upset.

There is a look at the Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week. These are some great battles that we have on the calendar for you. Come back next week for another look at the Top Boxing Betting picks of the Week. Best of luck with all your boxing betting, and enjoy the action in the sportsbooks and also in the ring.