Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – April 18th

Posted by Aaron . on April 18, 2018 in

The world of boxing just continues to roll right along. The boxing world has seen some interesting bouts over the last few weeks. This weekend we see fights in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Northern Ireland, Liverpool, and Brooklyn. We expect it to be a great weekend of boxing betting action. Let’s take a look at our Top Picks of the Week based on the latest boxing odds.

Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – April 18th

Edson Cesar Antonio +1600 over Oscar Rivas – Thursday

Are we crazy for picking one of the biggest upsets in all boxing on Thursday? Maybe – but the 40-year-old is full of surprises and taking down Oscar Rivas would certainly be one of them. He has been boxing since 1999. Oscar Rivas is probably the better boxer, but do not underestimate the ability of Antonio coming off a few months off. The upset is the best bet to place over the weekend.

LaMont Roach -1400 over Orlando Cruz – Thursday

In the Coliseo De Puerto Rico – LaMont Roach is the favorite, and for a good reason. He sits with a perfect 16-0 record in his career, with 6 knockouts. He will take on Orlando Cruz, that may get some hometown favorite love, but he is not going to carry that over to a win. LaMont Roach should be able to handle Orlando Cruz with no problems on Thursday.

Nonito Donaire +425 over Carl Frampton – Saturday

Another chance at an upset here. Carl Frampton is a little overrated among the top experts in Boxing. The odds makers do not take that into account, and placed him too high. If you have not seen Nonito Donaire perform, it’s something you want to check out. Do not be surprised if not only Donaire pulls the upset, but knocks Frampton out. This will be a fun one to talk about on Sunday when Donaire wins.

Amir Khan -2500 over Phil Lo Greco – Saturday

Amir Khan and Phil LoGreco are going to get together Saturday at Echo Arena in Liverpool. This is a huge fight, with a massive difference in odds. Is Amir Khan that much of a better boxer than Phil Lo Greco, likely not.

Phil Lo Greco shouldn't be one of your Boxing Betting picks of the week.

But, Amir Khan has all the tools, and is not going to lose in this fight. Phil Lo Greco still has many great days of boxing ahead of him, but not on Saturday as he gets whipped.

Lukasz Wierzbicki -270 over Michael Zerominski – Saturday

This is the boxing match of the weekend we are looking forward to. The odds for this one are pretty close. Lukasz Wierzbicki is a small favorite comparably speaking of the weekend boxing. But, Michael Zerominski is going to give him a run for his money. In the end, look for the strength and endurance of Wierzbicki to come out on top, but this is certainly a match to watch over the weekend!

There is a look at our Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week. Best of luck with all your Boxing betting, and we look forward to bringing you more boxing betting picks next week!