Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – May 22nd

Posted by Aaron . on May 22, 2018 in

What a week to be a fan of boxing. Last week we had some picks and enjoyed the action in the ring. This week, there are some more great matchups that we are looking forward to taking advantage of. Based on the latest Box-Odds, let’s take a look at some of our Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week for the week of the middle of May 2018.

Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – May 22nd

Jamie McDonnell +400 over Naoya Inoue – Friday

Jamie is the underdog here, but she is the fighter we are taking. We like her ability to fight in any situation against any type of opponent. Naoya Inoue and her fighting style is really a good fit for McDonnell, and how she can win the fight. Look for a nice pace in this fight, but in the end, Jamie McDonnell comes away with the win and the upset.

Reagan Dessaix -833 over Peter Ato Ricketts – Friday

Peter Ato Ricketts is in big trouble on Friday night. Reagan Dessaix is a beast, who is ready to take the boxing world by storm these next couple fights. Both have great toughness, but the strength of Dessaix is going to put him well over the top. This is a large favorite bet, but one we are very confident in taking on Friday.

John Koudeha +300 over Kerry Foley – Friday

Another upset. This time with John Koudeha taking down Kerry Foley. We think this could be one of the best fights of the weekend, but in the end, Koudeha and the ability to outlast Foley will be the key.

Kerry Foley shouldn't be one of your Boxing Betting picks of the week.

This is great odds for Koudeha, as we were expecting it to be around the area of +200 instead of +300. Take this underdog on Friday.

David Lemieux -7500 over Karim Achour – Saturday

The final fight of the weekend we are going to take is a huge favorite. David LeMieux is just that much better than Karim Achour. This is the biggest miss match of the weekend. If you are at all worried about the underdog winning this one – stop now. David Lemieux is about as much of a shoe-in to win this week as anyone. Take Lemiuex and the easy money on Saturday night.

There you have it. Those are our Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week. There should be some great matchups, and of course, we love the odds for them. We hope you enjoyed our look at the Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week and are ready to win in the sportsbook. Best of luck and enjoy the fights!