Formula 1 Betting Preview & Pick for 2018 Monaco GP

Posted by Derrick Harper on May 25, 2018 in

Attention Formula 1 Betting enthusiasts, it’s that time of year again. One of the best days on the sports calendar in Monaco is this Sunday when the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix takes place. This is the 76th edition of the Grand Prix. Ayrton Senna has won the event 6 times, and MacLaren leads with 15 wins as a constructor. This is considered one of the most important races in all of the world, along with the Indianapolis 500.

Last season, Sebastian Vettel won the event for the second time in his career. He also won it in 2011 as a member of Red Bull-Renault. This time, he is with Ferrari. Nico Rosberg has won the event three times with Mercedes, 2013 – 2015. Let’s take a look at the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix Betting Preview.

Formula 1 Betting Preview & Pick for 2018 Monaco GP

Max Verstappen 23/10

Interesting wager here, as Verstappen has never won this event. Can he break through and take this down? The betting odds have much to do with some of his recent form but Monaco seems to be a track that you need to have success on to win it. Verstappen is not a terrible bet, as he is a great racer; as he comes in at 23/10 odds.

Daniel Ricciardo 15/8

Ricciardo is a great racer as well. At this point, if you are one of the favorites at Monaco, you better be at the top of your game. Ricciardo can get the job done but is another guy that has had a tough time winning, and especially at Monaco. Look for him to compete, but the 15/8 odds just do not seem like enough to pull the trigger on a win bet.

Sebastian Vettel 10/3

This is the guy we like most. Part of that is he is the best racer on the track, and much of that is how he took it down last season. Vettel will be during his familiar Ferrari car. When he won it last season it was the first win for a Ferrari car since way back in 2001 when Michael Schumacher won the event.

Look for Sebastian Vettel to be one of the Formula 1 Betting favorites at the 2018 Monaco GP.

If he has the success Schumacher had in his career, Vettel will be one of the best. Schumacher won the event 5 times, tied with Graham Hill for second most. Look for Vettel to move into a four-way tie with 3 wins.

Lewis Hamilton 6/1

It feels like many are forgetting about the talent of Lewis Hamilton. This guy can really move his car and maneuver with the best of them. If he could not – he wouldn’t have the two titles under his belt. He will pose a challenge for all the racers, as he seeks his third title. Hamilton comes into the race listed at 6/1 odds to win it.

There it is. Those are some of the Formula 1 Betting favorites to win the event. When push comes to shove though, we are going back with the guy that is familiar with winning here and that’s Sebastian Vettel. It does not hurt that he is the best racer on the planet right now as well. We will bet him at 10/3 odds to win this race, with Max Verstappen coming in second. He is listed at 23/10. Best of luck with all your Monaco Grand Prix betting, and enjoy the race!