NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Betting Picks

Posted by Aaron . on May 19, 2016 in

The NASCAR driver who wins this Saturday’s Sprint All-Star Race will walk away with a check for $1 million, so there’s plenty of motivation for all 20 of the drivers who will be taking part. The format of the exhibition alone guarantees that there will be chaos from start to finish, so Charlotte Motor Speedway will certainly be the site of a melee for a ton of moolah. Find the latest NASCAR sportsbook odds here.

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Betting Picks



Denny Hamlin returns as the reigning champion, but they didn’t run the race this way last year. There are three different parts of the race: two 50-lap segments and then a 13-lap dash to the finish. The starting order in the initial segment will be based on qualifying times, but then the second 50-lap segment will start in the same order in which the first segment finishes. In the first segment, drivers will have to pit and replace at least two tires at one point; in the second segment, they have to pit for at least two tires by Lap 85. Then they enter a random draw for the last segment. As many as 11 of the drivers will have to pit for four tires at the start, while the rest will head out with the tires that they have left from the second segment, and the drivers who pit for tires will go to the back and try to catch the others. As those tires wear down, things will get hairy around the turns.

So how can you make any picks in a format like this? Well, that’s what makes sports gambling exciting.

Should you pick Denny Hamlin to repeat? Well, maybe. But this isn’t the same course, and this isn’t the same format. It will be interesting to see what online betting options are available after NASCAR announces the draw for the 13-lap segment but before it starts, as that will be the time to consider strategy. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point to the first two segments, except to get the tires in different states of wear.

Another factor in making betting tough is that we still don’t know who five of the participants will be. Fifteen slots have gone to 2015 race winners, prior Sprint Cup champions that did not win a race so far in 2015-16, and previous Sprint All-Star Race winners. However, the three winners of the Sprint Showdown Segments, and the top two finishers in a fan vote, have still not yet been named.

Jimmie Johnson is a popular choice, as he has won four prior All-Star races. Carl Edwards won the 2011 event and also won a race at Charlotte in May 2015.

So stay by the web and watch for updates with the Sprint Showdown Segments and the fan voting, so you’ll have a look at the complete field. If you can figure out who the winner is going to be, you could make a ton of money!