Formula 1 Betting Tips for the 2021 Regular Season

Posted by Derrick Harper on March 17, 2021 in

The 2021 Formula 1 pre-season testing is behind us and the first race of the year is on the horizon as we count down the days to the Bahrain Grand Prix, where the 72nd iteration of the Formula One World Championship will kick-off. The season will begin on Sunday, March 28, and conclude on December 12 with Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as the 23rd race of the year, however, we can expect to have a new champion crowned well before then.

With a new F1 season come new opportunities for exciting moments, but most importantly betting opportunities, which we will explore in this Formula One 2021 Season betting preview. Check out our list of the main favorites to win the Driver’s Championship and a bold Constructor’s Championship prediction, along with their respective Formula 1 odds.

Betting Tips for the 2021 Formula 1 Season Start


Lewis Hamiton

Lewis Hamilton enters 2021 chasing his fifth consecutive Formula One title, which would be an outrageous feat for the Brit. Another Drivers’ Championship title for Hamilton would also see him break the all-time record of F1 titles, reaching his eighth at 36-years-of age.

There is not a lot to be said about Hamilton that is not already known. He is in the prime of his career, undeniably one of the best drivers that ever appeared in F1, and is extremely consistent with his performances, so it’s hard to find a reason to doubt his chances to claim another F1 title by December.

In some ways, it would be fair to say that the only way Hamilton doesn’t win the championship is if he loses it since there are not many drivers in the world that are capable of beating him.

Odds: -350

Max Verstappen

The 23-year-old Red Bull driver is priced as the second favorite to win his first F1 title in 2021 at +400, which is a fair price, considering he is definitely better than most other drivers but has yet to prove himself as a serious threat to Hamilton. In his defense, Verstappen had to deal with car issues in 2020 and ended the season with the least completed GP laps out of all drivers.

This, however, begs the question of: How would Verstappen perform if he had a properly working car and whether that would be enough for him to win the title? Perhaps not, but it’s fair to say he would have won a couple more races.

Betting on Verstappen to finish the season second is not a bad bet by no means, and you can get on it at very solid odds, which are bound to drop before the season kicks-off. An outright bet on Verstappen to win it all, however, is something we would avoid, as it’s hard to believe he will manage to consistently finish ahead of Hamilton.

Odds: +400

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas has done well last season to finish second on the Drivers’ Championship standings, with two race wins and nine podiums (six 2nd- and three 3rd-place finishes). Although a talented driver, Bottas has proven he can’t compete with Hamilton for the title and since we couldn’t make a case for Verstappen to win the Driver’s Championship, it’s even harder to do so for the Finn.

Even though it’s hard to imagine Bottas fighting for the title, a top-three finish is something that we can expect. This is likely Bottas’ last season at Mercedes, so he has to prove himself as a capable driver in eyes of other teams to potentially pick him up next season.

The urgency to perform well in 2021 should inspire efficiency, making Bottas a great bet for a top-three finish. We will not be taking this bet, however, as it works against our Driver’s Championship prediction.

Odds: +1200

Drivers’ Championship prediction

It might be a very bold prediction, but we believe Red Bull could potentially dethrone Mercedes as the best Constructor in the 2021 season. The Silver Arrows might have won the title every year since 2014, and to be fair, Mercedes hasn’t really been challenged for the title since.

That said, there is a chance Mercedes won’t be winning the Constructor title this season, largely due to the rule changes, that will indirectly benefit Red Bull in their chase for the title. There are many new rules ahead of this season, but without going into much detail about them, they essentially allow Red Bull to carry over 60% of their car from the previous season, meaning they don’t need to start from scratch.

Last season was not particularly successful for Red Bull, who were dealing with malfunctions of their cars, but they at least have a solid foundation to work on and a talented team that will help Verstappen and Sergio Perez, who are the other reason why Red Bull can stand a chance against Mercedes. As long as Verstappen can justify his tag as the second-favorite and Perez outperforms Bottas, we could be in for a spicy season.

Odds: +300