2018 USA Grand Prix Betting Odds, Preview & Pick

Posted by Aaron . on October 18, 2018 in

For those of you who have followed the Formula One Championships, you will all know that Lewis Hamilton is all but decided as the Champion driver, but the 2018 USA Grand Prix will have to take place prior to that decision. Hamilton currently has a 67 point lead over rival Sebastian Vettel who represents Ferrari. Hamilton’s Mercedes team has the rare opportunity to lock up the championship with three races left to finish after the race this weekend in Austin.

Not only that, but the Mercedes team has their best shot of securing the Constructors cup as Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton’s teammate, is now in third place. With both drivers ahead of a Ferrari in the standings, that places Mercedes as the best of the constructors. Here’s an in-depth look at a few of the driver’s odds I have highlighted for this one.

2018 USA Grand Prix Betting Odds, Preview & Pick

Lewis Hamilton 8/13

The unnamed Champion, the 2018 USA Grand Prix odds favorite, and clearly the best driver in the circuit, Lewis Hamilton is and should be your favorite unless otherwise noted.

He’s a phenom in every sense of the word. He’s been driving competitively since his early teenage years and has been taking trophies ever since. I’ll take him to win it all this weekend and all but shut the door on all other competitors for the final trophy of the season.

Sebastian Vettel 10/3

Vettel has slim hopes if he wants to remain in the hunt for the Championship. Being behind by 67 points means that if he does not finish in the top two, but Hamilton does, he will be all but eliminated from the running for the final prize.

Even if Vettel finishes first and Hamilton does not finish the race, there will still be 42 points to make up in the final three races. I think Vettel will finish in the third spot, to Hamilton and Ricciardo in no particular order.

Daniel Ricciardo 8/1

The Australian born driver has been struggling a bit as of late, with teammate Max Verstappen getting the better of him lately, but Ricciardo is the only driver not named Hamilton or Vettel to win more than one race this season.

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the favorites to win the 2018 USA Grand Prix.

I’ve got a feeling he will end up in the top three this weekend, but perhaps we will see him slide onto the podium!

Kimi Raikkonen 16/1

With Valtteri Bottas leapfrogging him in the standings, I’ll take Raikkonen to make a splash in this event to regain his previous standings. Raikkonen seems to do well in high-pressure situations and of course, as the season grows closer and closer to the final race, the pressure ratchets up with every event.

If Hamilton does not win this event, I’ll take Kimi Raikkonen as my dark horse. He could make a last-minute push for team Ferrari. He is one of the most experienced drivers around with over 17 years of experience at the formula 1 level. His nickname is Iceman for Pete’s sake. He will be headed away from team Ferrari next year on his way to Sauber, so it could all fall together for a perfect ending to a great partnership to this point.