2018 Russian Grand Prix Preview & Formula 1 Pick

Posted by Derrick Harper on September 28, 2018 in

This track is very street like with plenty of left-right changes of direction and even several 90 degrees turns. It still will be a mostly quick paced lap though as there are several straights, but I feel that the shifty or dodgy track will not yield many lead changes during the 2018 Russian Grand Prix. Qualifying for this race will be very important, so let’s check the favorites to win it.

2018 Russian Grand Prix Preview & Formula 1 Pick

Team Red Bull

The only team making considerable changes for this one, they’ll be introducing new specs of the Renault ‘B’ unit engines which will result in penalties for both Verstappen and Ricciardo, but the team’s thought is that it is their best option in challenging Ferrari and Mercedes as the season fades at circuits which should be kinder to their package.

“We accepted the risks when we took this engine,” says Red Bull boss Christian Horner in regard to the new engine. “It’s delivered a bit more power, it’s been a bit rough ‘round the edges. But we did get the increase in power from it and that helped get on the front-row and achieve the second position.”

Max Verstappen 35/1

He’ll get my bet to win this thing with the new engine which should better suit this track. He’s been hot lately with a second place finish at Singapore, but can he overcome the penalties? I can’t wait to find out. With his odds set at such a longshot, the payout could be worth the risk.

Daniel Ricciardo 50/1

I like this driver a lot also, but not nearly as much as I like Verstappen at this juncture in the season. He hasn’t had a top-two finish in quite some time. Finishing at Singapore, a similar street style race, in sixth place.

Team Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton 13/10

He is perhaps, the best driver in the field as shown by his dominance in total points and first-place finishes. Froma driver only perspective, he’d be my bet to place every race, but with the new engines with Team Red Bull, that changes things for me a bit. The odds are clearly favoring him to take the podium, and why not I guess, but I’d stay away from the odds favorite in this one.

Team Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel 11/8

Vettel is the only driver out there that I could compare Hamilton too. He is a superb driver with a variety of skills that lend himself to a course like this one.

Sebastian Vettel is one of the favorites to win the 2018 Russian Grand Prix.

I would not be at all surprised to see him at the podium. He’s the only one close to the same odds as Lewis Hamilton, which speaks to his ability as a driver.

Kimi Raikkonen 10/1

His driving history suggests he will do well in this event, proving he is a pesky driver that seems to always stay in the top 5 when it really matters. Having over 100 podium visits in his career, he is certainly capable of taking the leaders position in The 2018 Russian Grand Prix as well.