2018 Mexican Grand Prix Betting Lines & Expert Pick

Written by on October 25, 2018

This weekend’s stop on the F1 Tour takes us to Mexico City, where the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez hosts the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix. With a rowdy fan base, and the high altitude, lots of crazy things can happen in this race. Take a look at some of the latest betting odds to win the event.

2018 Mexican Grand Prix Betting Lines & Expert Pick

Lewis Hamilton +200

The main storyline this weekend is Lewis Hamilton and his quest to win his fifth Formula 1 world title. With a 7th place finish or better, Hamilton will automatically win the title. There is a good deal of pressure put on Hamilton to close up the Grand Prix, but Hamilton has seen it all before. The favorite seems like the driver in the best shape coming into it.

Sebastian Vettel +250

There are some scenarios that could make things interesting. Sebastian Vettel is currently 70 points behind Hamilton. If Vettel wants to extend his slim chances of winning the title, he has to win in Mexico. If Vettel can’t take the checkered flag, Hamilton will be crowned the champion by just finishing the race.

Max Verstappen +500

This is a racer that many forget about. He is the third in the Big Three of F1 racing. There is no doubt that Max could come through and grab a win over the top two betting favorites. Max Verstappen is one of the favorites to win the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix. It will need to be a great race from Max, but he has done it before. Take a look at him, as the underdog

Kami Raikkonen +1000

Another guy that has a chance of winning, but certainly not part of the Big 2 or even Top 3. Raikkonen has another gear at times, which brings out the best in the racers. This could pay off pretty well to bet on Kami.


  • Daniel Ricciardo +1200
  • Valtteri Botas +1600
  • Charles Leclerc +15000
Lewis Hamilton celebrated in Mexico last year, as he claimed his fourth Formula 1 title at the Mexican Grand Prix. If things go right, he’ll be celebrating in Mexico again this year as he makes the “Drive for Five” in the Mexican Grand Prix. We look forward to this race and are ready to make our bets. We are going to place two bets on this race – taking the favorite Lewis Hamilton to win, and also going with a little upset – and going to take Daniel Ricciardo, who many think is on the verge of winning a big one. His odds would pay off great. We are willing to take the risk for a small wager. Good luck with your 2018 Mexican Grand Prix betting!